Sunday, January 14, 2007


Findory rides into the sunset

Searching is for when you know roughly what you are looking for.

An alternative way of finding information is for it to be recommended to you. One of the leaders in recommendation systems is Amazon.

Findory tries to apply some of the ideas Greg Linden learnt when building Amazon's recommendation systems (and what he's learnt since!), but unfortunately Greg has found it difficult to continue to grow Findory - and has just announced that "Findory rides into the sunset". Roughly speaking, this means that development of the site has slowed to a crawl, and that Greg is to concentrate on other things - which for the moment he explains means health and family.

I'm sorry to hear this - Greg's was one of the best blogs in the search area, backed by his ongoing research interests and development of Findory, and whilst I'm sure his interest in personalizing information will continue, without the need to attend to it on a daily basis, I suspect we will be hearing less from Greg in the future. I wish him well, and sorry he couldn't find a way to continue expanding Findory.

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