Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Livesearch from AllTheWeb

We havn't heard much from AllTheWeb recently, (now part of the Yahoo stable), but today they released a new search interface they call livesearch.

This takes the Google Suggest technique of suggesting words as you type in the search box, and goes one step further by actually doing the suggested search for you to the right of the screen, automatically. This is obviously a resource intensive operation which leads to lots of unnecessary searches being done, so you can see why Yahoo are trying the experiment on an almost forgotten engine, rather than on their main search properties.

The words (or phrases) that come up after typing just one letter are an interesting mix, and it's informative to compare them to the words that Google Suggest uses for the same letter. Some letters agree, but others are widely different.

And what better way to illustrate the chosen result other than by comparing them via another of today's other search engine launches, Google Trends?

In all cases the livesearch result is given first:

a) american idol vs amazon
b) bank of america vs bbc
c) craigslist vs currency convertor
d) both agree on dictionary
e) both agree on ebay
f) facebook vs firefox
g) google vs gmail
h) both agree on hotmail
i) internet explorer vs ikea
j) jessica alba vs jokes
k) kelley blue book vs kelly blue book
l) both agree on lyrics
m) myspace vs mapquest
n) natalee holloway vs news
o) both agree on orbitz
p) photobucket vs paris hilton
q) qvc vs quotes
r) runescape vs ryanair
s) southwest airlines vs spybot
t) both agree on target
u) unique baby names vs ups
v) verizon vs valentines day
w) both agree on weather
x) xanga vs xbox
y) both agree on yahoo
z) both agree on zip codes

I think the K choice is particularly interesting, where they both suggest the same thing, but Google plumps for the much more popular incorrect spelling!

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