Monday, March 27, 2006


Riya photo service can't count

Riya, the online photo service whose widely advertised feature is its face recognition, finally opened its doors to everyone this week.

In just a few days they raced to over a million photos uploaded, though for all I know, they may be several times that by now.

I noticed, that they are obviously indexing (some of) the EXIF data to be found in most digital photos, and was curious as to what makes of camera were most popular.

So, I did a quick set of searches, which gave me the following results
Those totals are suspiciously close too each other, so I frankly do not believe them. I therefore expanded my search some more, to look at other popular search words - namely some numbers, in which I would expect the number 1 to be massively more popular than any other number. The results of this were as follows:
Again, all the totals are from a very small range, which suggests that none of these results can be trusted to be accurate. We've grown used to search engines giving us "estimated" numbers, especially when their indexes are up in the billions, but when you are hovering just over a million, yet always get about 20,000 as the answer to any query, then it looks as if someone can't count!

As requested, to help the team at Riya find posts on problems with their service, I'm hereby noting that riyasux.

giving incorrect estimates seems a bit shady to me, if they know about it and still let it happen.
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