Monday, March 27, 2006


Ex Googlers and Ex Amazonians

Xooglers started out about 5 months ago as a great resource by ex-Google employees, with some very informative posts about the early days at Google.

Posts have slowed down recently, and the recent article on high paying adwords ("mesothelioma lawyers", "tax attorney", and "mortgages" all get mentioned) from certain angles looks just like an attempt to attract high priced click income to the site. However as pointed out in the comments, these keywords dont carry nearly as high a price as made out - the prices quoted are for results on Google search pages, not on third party sites.

(In fact, the original story seems to lead back to CyberWire who published a long list, though its also been picked up by a good few heavyweights, such as John Batelle).

If stories of the early days at what have now become Internet giants interest you, can I also recommend Geeking with Greg, by Greg Linden, who often touches on his early days at Amazon, when not giving in depth insights into personalized search in general, and Findory in particular.

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