Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Virtual Earth mashups competition results

Mashups using Microsoft's Virtual Earth have been slow to arrive - probably because although the API may be easier to use, the underlying mapping experience is much poorer (and noone really wants to tie their application yet to what was obviously a very rushed beta).

In an effort to kick start things, Microsoft's arms-length developer site organized a competition, offering a $1000 first prize, for mapping applications developed using their API.

The results are now available, with the top prize going to
Honourable mentions are also made to
It's apparent there is a sharp drop off in quality with these second placed entries. Perhaps they work better in IE rather than the Mozilla browser which I have installed.

(I feel that the competition may have shot itself in the foot - as well as the first prize, there were other lesser prizes offered to the "first 25 entries to arrive" - which rather makes a quickly coded but poorly produced entry a worthwhile proposition).

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