Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Google maps new layout

Google Maps has a new layout, where the most obvious change is that the map has moved from the left to the right of the page.

Unfortunately this breaks my CSS redesign of the page - I'll let you know when I have had a chance to fix it to work with the new version.

The javascript indicates it is up to version 22, in just 8 months (the original maps went live on 8th Feb this year), so the rate of change of the service is very fast. I wonder why they didn't take the opportunity of this redesign to add the one useful feature that MSN Virtual Earth has that is missing from Google Maps - the ability to change zoom levels with the scroll wheel.

Update: 6/10/05 I've updated the CSS file now. It's now apparent that the early changes I spotted were part of a much larger change - where Google Maps has now been absorbed into Google Local.

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