Thursday, July 14, 2005


Pixsy - the random image search engine

Pixsy is a new image search engine that "searches blogs, mobile blogs ("moblogs"), social networks, and other sites that have unique content" in order to find images that most search engines miss.

That's all very well, but unfortunately viewing any of the results seems to be a lottery. Like most engines, it does not show all the results on one page, but offers Next and Previous links. The URL of a results page is currently - note that it has a parameter of next, that steps you through the groups of results each time you get to that page. Thus the standard operation of "view an image then press back to get back to the results page" does not take you to the same results page, but instead advances you to a new set of results.

Even on a single page of results, the details links are always numbered from zero for the first visible image, (so the first image on the first page and that on the second page etc all have the same URL), so it seems to be random when you view the detailed image result as to whether you will get the image you thought you would, or rather some other image that shares the same URL on a different page of results.

Who care???? Come on already. The site gives you images no one else provides. If you're stranded on an island, are you going to be concerned who's rowing the rescue boat?????
I have to agree. Pixsy was like drilling down in the personal world. Just surfing it for fun is entertaining, not to mention addictive.

Good job Pixsy!
The two problems I mentioned meant that I could not get to see "images no one else provides". Although I might see the image on the thumbnail page, when I went to view the full sized image, I was taken instead to some other image. If you are just surfing for fun, then maybe you don't mind being taken to a random image in this way.

I don't think its going to be hard to fix the problems, in which case I agree the engine will be a useful one.
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