Monday, July 04, 2005


Official Google toolbar for Firefox on its way

Fritz Schneider has contacted the Googlebar developers to let them know that Google are expecting to release an official Google Toolbar for Firefox this week.

It will work with Firefox 1.0+, on Win2k/XP, MacOS X 10.2, and Linux 8.0+. With the exception of the popup blocker (which Firefox already has), it will match the features of the latest IE toolbar. Thus we can expect spellcheck, autolink functionality, and probably a PageRank display.

For a while now, if you visited the Google toolbar page using Firefox, it suggested that you install the independently developed Googlebar thus:
Googlebar: We encourage Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape® 7.x users to install the open-source Googlebar, developed and supported by Google fans.

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