Friday, July 01, 2005


Greasemonkey script to add Google Map to any page

Greasemap is a Greasemonkey script which adds a Google map to a page if it finds any geocodable addresses or other geotags on the page.

The map is placed in an iframe served up from - which gets around the restrictions that the Google maps key registration mechanism imposes.

Currently recognised locations are of the form
The actual script is very short - it simply packages up any geotags on the page, together with any addresses recognised by a regular expression, and then passes it via a URL to the server which produces the iframe contents to be placed in an injected iframe tag.

All geocoding of addresses is done on the server. The server is thus a useful webservice in its own right. Take a look at:,Seattle,WA

- it produces a twin map layout, showing a wide angle view, and a close-up.

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