Monday, May 16, 2005


Flickr is now reading IPTC information from images

Flickr has announced that it is reading IPTC information from images - in fact this was announced before the news about Flash, but only on the Flickr news feed, (which rather stupidly requires a login) rather than on the Flickr Blog (which anyone can read).

The discussion page on the feature documents the rules they are using as:
  1. IPTC keywords, when available, are added as tags.
  2. If there is no title specified (i.e., we were going to fall back on the image filename) and there is a IPTC *headline*, then we use that.
  3. If there is no description provided with the upload, then we use the IPTC *caption* when available.
  4. If there is no EXIF date, then use the IPTC *created date* when available.
  5. Add the contents of *city*, *province state* and *country* as tags when available.
However, the developer then goes on to say
"we are IPTC neophytes and we probably looked at an old spec. We will review the spec you pointed out and review for changes to make. Do you have any partcular recommendations for mappings?"
so things could well change as the feature is worked upon.

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