Thursday, April 14, 2005


Not AJAX, just CSS on its own

AJAX is pretty much the flavour of the day for interactive websites, but that need for Javascript to be turned on in the browser is occasionally a problem.

Stu Nicholls, at the CSS Playground specializes in producing effects and demonstrations that use (or ab-use, dependent on your point of view) only CSS with no Javascript. He goes to a lot of effort to make his examples work in multiple browsers, yes even IE with its rather broken CSS support.

The photo galleries Mk I and Mk II are probably the most fully featured examples, but there are plenty of other great examples as well.

One thing I did notice as I toured the site (which practices what it preaches, in that the site as a whole uses many of the effects and ideas to good effect) is that CSS styled controls may look like standard controls, but at least in my browser (Mozilla on Windows) they can fall short on usability. In particular, there are a number of controls that show a scroll bar, but for which the mouse scroll wheel has no effect.

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