Sunday, April 10, 2005


Lickr - Flickr, without the Flash

I've been viewing Flickr for a while now, but have always found it hampered by its reliance on Flash for parts of its UI.

My solution up to now has been simple - I don't have Flash installed in my browser, so I get the fallback simple display of a jpg image, with all its advantages of ability to save, set as background image, zoom the image etc. The minor downside has been the loss of annotation functionality.

Now I have a further choice - via Firefox and GreaseMonkey, Lickr is a userscript which disables the Flash image feature, and replaces it with HTML driven code to do the same thing. This is great, and I hope that the Flickr team take the author up on his suggestion of using the code which he has very helpfully provided under a BSD licence.


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