Thursday, April 14, 2005


Autostitch for creating panoramic images

Autostitch is a program that is capable of producing some quite amazing stitched panorama images with little effort.

The program is available as a fully working demo - which takes a directory of images, and produces an stitched panoramic image as output. "Advanced" controls allow quite a bit of flexibility in the process, but just letting everything default produces a good enough output with a significant "WOW" factor in most cases. The one thing many users will want to change is the output size, since the default produces a screen sized image, which is often smaller than just one input image given most of todays digital cameras.

There has been a good discussion about the program in the Panoguide forums. The researcher who produced this program also worked as an intern at Microsoft, and there is a similar feature built in to Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 10 based on some of his work.

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