Saturday, February 12, 2005


Will Ask Jeeves Desktop Search go open source?

When I reviewed the Ask Jeeves desktop search, I found that it crashed on me far too much to be worth keeping on my machine.

However, Ask Jeeves have had discussions with the Mozilla Foundation about contributing the AJ Desktop Search to Mozilla - either just the indexing technology, or perhaps the whole thing. This open sourcing sounds interesting, and even if it comes to nothing, there are likely to be other ways in which AJ will build extensions and plug-ins for Mozilla / Firefox.

AJ have also been in the news this week for buying Bloglines. Bloglines already works a treat in the Mozilla browser - with a bookmarklet allowing feeds to be easily added. However, I would like to see some even closer browser integration - how about being able to directly bookmark a specific post; and Bloglines is not the complete solution since its online reader can't help me to read internal RSS feeds which are not available via the web, so an online / offline hybrid would be ideal.

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