Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Smugmug photo sharing

Whilst Flickr gets much of the press these days, there are other photo sharing sites, as this article in Wired notes.

One such site is smugmug, which to my mind has much to recommend it over Flickr
Of course, the sheer number of images in Flickr is greater, helped no doubt by the existence of a free basic account option, whereas smugmug charges $30 per year for its lowest level accounts. However, the quality of images in smugmug seems much higher - it's aimed at the photographer rather than the snapshotter.

Actually, smugmug has over 15,000,000 images, far more than Flickr. They've been around longer, so it stands to reason.

I believe Flickr has more users, since they're free, but since they're limited in the amount of photos they can upload per month, I think the photo growth rate is slower.
I stand corrected on the relative sizes of the collections - I can't see where there are current values for smugmug quoted, but they did have 5.5m in June 2004, and flickr only has 4m images now (as quoted in this interview), but rising by about 0.5m every 10 days.
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