Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Google Maps

Google Maps is a lot of fun, and once again pushes the boundaries of what we now expect can be achieved in a browser based application.

Its main features are:
None of these features are unique, but the package is very neatly put together, and polished.

The underlying techniques used are varied, and there's a good introduction at Mapping Google. These include:
Other useful and informative information on Google Maps can be found at:
This beta only holds data for the USA. If you want to see a similarly featured, though ultimately less usable system that includes European data, check out Maps24 which provides an interactive map via the use of a Java applet. (Their zoom in from a continent wide view to street level is very impressive the first couple of times you see it!)

Also worth looking at this map of Switzerland that I've mentioned before.

Update: More very informative musings are at:

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