Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Google Acquisitions

Google Acquisitions is a list of the various (mostly) companies that Google has bought along the way. Updated just yesterday with a purchase from April 2004 that had been missed, the list now consists of:
  1. The Deja archive
  2. The assets of Outride
  3. Pyra Labs (makers of Blogger)
  4. Neotonic Software
  5. Applied Semantics
  6. Kaltix
  7. Sprinks
  8. Genius Labs
  9. Ignite Logic
  10. (A substantial investment in) Baidu
  11. Picasa
  12. Keyhole
There's speculation that Google is in the running to buy, and ever present guesses that it might consider buying flickr.

I don't know if it's an acquisition, but they've come up with something similar. Check if you haven't already.
Hello was part of the Picasa purchase, so is not listed separately.

To update the speculation at the end of the post, About has been bought by the New York Times.
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