Sunday, January 16, 2005


Marc Orchant's Office Weblog

The Office Weblog covers, acording to the about page, the "office software industry" - that's office with a small 'o', not necessarily Microsoft Office, with a big 'O'. A quick review of the content shows this to be very much my definition of "smart apps and smart ideas", so there's a huge overlap with my interests that I write about here.

(Marc Orchant who writes the blog also has another older, and now much lower output level blog titled "Marc's Outlook on Productivity. Cool tools and tips to get more done with Office!" which would appear to target big 'O' Office more directly).

A few choice recent articles amongst the very prolific output are:

Thanks for the kind words. we do seem to have a lot of common interests. And yes, Marc's Outlook has become a low-volume, occasional blog due to the demands of keeping up the Office and Tablet PC blogs on the Weblogs, Inc. network.

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