Sunday, January 23, 2005


I guess Blake and Ben have been rather busy recently

It often pays to go direct to the source, so I checked out the blogs of both Blake Ross, Firefox creator, (and Wired cover model) and Ben Goodger, Firefox lead developer.

Neither is currently particularly enlightening - Blake's blog is just 2 days old, and has 2 entries in total, whereas Ben's blog carries a 1997-2004 copyright, and has been verified to work in Mozilla 1.2!

Oh well, I guess they've been too wrapped up in shipping Firefox 1.0 to bother with blogging these past few months. Whilst I applaud the achievements of Firefox, I generally stick with the more powerful browser that forms part of the Mozilla suite.

You should be reading my blog :-) I've made about 70 mozilla-related posts in the last three weeks.

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