Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Google Print restricting results for UK IP addresses

Aaron Swartz did a thorough review of the updated Google Print / Google Library service, which he helpfully peppered with deep links. However, when I tried out the links, the page it took me to was basically empty - it certainly did not show the data Aaron was trying to link to.

It appears that this behaviour is due to the fact that I am UK based, so Google detects my geolocation, and "censors" the results - presumably because they have not sorted out the copyright issues, where UK and US copyright laws differ.

One way around this is to get a US based proxy server to access the page for me - and it so happens that Google have such a service in the form of their translation service.

Thus a direct link to Darwin and After Darwin gives the result "Your search - - did not match any documents." whereas a link proxied via the translate service shows the scanned pages.

Can anyone confirm if they see the same restrictions to the results from other geolocations?

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